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Personalized/Custom Mugs for Your Boyfriend

Does your beer-loving boyfriend go on and on about the latest micro-brewery down the street or explain beer flavors the way middle age women discuss wine? Shut him up with a personalized beer mug sure to leave him speechless. Our wide variety of styles and sizes of glass beer boots and mugs ensures you’ll find the perfect gift to keep his beer hobby company year round.

Shop some of our most popular beer mugs with custom engraving options available.

  • Giant Soccer Ball Beer Glass 3 Liter Giant Soccer Ball Beer Glass 3 Liter

    Giant Soccer Ball Beer Glass 3 Liter

    A Giant Beer Glass You Have To See Check out this absolutely Giant beer glass that holds 3 liters (imagine the liquid of three 1 liter mugs stacked tall!) with a fully 3 dimensional soccer ball shape molded in the middle. With a base that is a whopping...

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  • Glass Lederhosen Beer Mug, 0.5L Made in Germany Three Quarter View of Front of Half Liter Glass Molded Lederhosen Beer Mug

    Lederhosen Glass Beer Mug 0.5 Liter

    German Lederhosen Beer Glass is the Highlight of Your Party You’ve broken bread and proudly toasted to your family name, celebrating your German heritage by joining with your family and close friends in drink or song. Nothing is more important...

  • Authentic German Pilsner Beer Glass Custom Engraving Placement (personalized engraving adds $8.95 per item)

    Traditions 0.5 Liter Pilsner Beer Glass

    See this undecorated 0.5 liter footed Traditions pilsner beer glass made by Sahm of Germany. Perfect for Engraving! Collectable German Pilsner Beer Glasses If you are a distinguished craft beer drinker looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy...

  • Glass Beer Stein with Pointed Pewter Lid, 0.4 Liter, Full of Beer Right Side View of Empty 0.4 Liter Glass Beer Stein with Pewter Lid

    Glass Beer Stein with Pointed Pewter Lid

    Glass beer stein with pointed pewter lid. The smooth, sturdy glass body is tapered and has a starburst light-reflecting pattern on the bottom. Perfect for engraving! Ben Franklin Endorses Beer Custom engraved glass beer steins make a great gift for...

  • Das Boot Glass Beer Boot Mug 2 Liter from Beerfest Two Liter Imported Glass German Beer Boot Mug

    Glass Beer Boot "Das Boot" 2 Liter

    2 Liter "Das Boot" Glass Beer Boot to Hold Over a Half Gallon of your Favorite Brew Das Boot. The ultimate test of your drinking ability. Holding just over a whopping half gallon of beer, our 2 liter glass beer boot holds about the same amount of liquid...

  • Glass Beer Boot Mug 1 Liter Three Quarter View of Empty One Liter German Glass Beer Boot

    Glass Beer Boot 1 Liter

    Authentic Stolzle German Beer Boots Make You the Life of the Party Are you sick and tired of drinking beer out of little cans or regular bottles? Want to make your drinking experience more special? We’ve got just the answer for you: a monster...

  • Glass Beer Boot 0.5 Liter with Custom Personalization Options Half Liter Empty Glass Drinking Boot, Three Quarter View

    Glass Beer Boot 0.5 Liter

    Half Liter Authentic Stolzle German Beer Boot Will Turn Heads Want to liven up the party with a conversation starter? Nothing gets people more excited about drinking than a German beer boot! Partygoers standing around sheepishly sipping out of aluminum...

  • Authentic German Beer Boot 2 Liters Bavarian Crest Glass Beer Boot 2 Liter

    Bavarian Crest Glass Beer Boot 2 Liter

    2 Liter Hand Blown Glass Beer Boot with Bavarian Crest and a banner reading "Bayern" (Bavaria). These beer boots are perfect for your own Oktoberfest or Beerfest celebration! Beer boots are an excellent topic of conversation. The secret to drinking from...