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2 Liter Glass Beer Boots

2 liter glass beer boots have been around for ages but were made famous by the hit movie Beerfest. Our mouth blown 2 liter glass beer boots are a must for your beer fest or Oktoberfest celebration! Get a personalized beer boot and commemorate the date by adding custom engraving. Choose from plain, German breweries, Oktoberfest or Bavaria designs.

  • Plastic Beer Boot 2 Liter Two Liter Plastic Beer Boot, Front View

    Plastic Beer Boot 2 Liter

    This plastic 2 Liter (68 oz!) Beer Boot has the same look as the 2L glass boots at a fraction of the price. Tough, strong and shatter resistant this 2 liter plastic beer boot allows you to have all the fun without the threat of broken glass. Beer boots...

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  • Das Boot Glass Beer Boot Mug 2 Liter from Beerfest Two Liter Imported Glass German Beer Boot Mug

    Glass Beer Boot "Das Boot" 2 Liter

    2 Liter "Das Boot" Glass Beer Boot to Hold Over a Half Gallon of your Favorite Brew Das Boot. The ultimate test of your drinking ability. Holding just over a whopping half gallon of beer, our 2 liter glass beer boot holds about the same amount of liquid...

  • Authentic German Beer Boot 2 Liters Bavarian Crest Glass Beer Boot 2 Liter

    Bavarian Crest Glass Beer Boot 2 Liter

    2 Liter Hand Blown Glass Beer Boot with Bavarian Crest and a banner reading "Bayern" (Bavaria). These beer boots are perfect for your own Oktoberfest or Beerfest celebration! Beer boots are an excellent topic of conversation. The secret to drinking from...