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German Beer Steins

Our German beer steins are 100% authentic

There’s no shortage of choices in our selection of German beer steins. We have Oktoberfest beer steins,military,historicalGerman heritagesportscastle and nautical themed steins hand-painted and meticulously crafted by the finest artists in the Westerwald of Germany.

We also have a great selection of glass beer steins ready for unique personalized engraving, the perfect gift!

Besides glass steins, we also offer beer steins made from traditional stoneware, ceramic, pewter, porcelain and crystal, with open tops or pewter lids.

If your dreams feature mythological figures and folk legends, we’ve got you covered! Perhaps you spend your REM cycle fantasizing about a ride on a beer wagon. Live the dream with our Beer Wagon and Pub Motif beer steins!

Our military beer steins come with modern and historical designs. So whether you’re looking for a WWII beer stein, Middle Eastern operation theme, or just a branch-specific design, you can find them all here.

Struggling with gift ideas for Christmas? Stuff a Christmas beer stein in the stocking. Beer and eggnog both taste better in a stein.

Besides serving up cold one after cold one, our beer steins make exceptional display pieces. Set them up behind your bar or over the mantle for unique doubling as a conversation starter. They make for fantastic collectibles too! The larger the collection, the better the conversation and the more of your friends and family drinking like royalty.