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Ounce to Liter Conversion Chart

Common German Stein Liter Sizes and the Conversion to Ounces

Conversions & all volume measurements listed on our website are approximate and not a standard of measure.

0.06 Liter – 2.03 oz (a shot glass usually holds 1.5oz)usa-vs-german-measuring-styles.jpg

0.125 Liter – 4.23 oz

0.2 Liter – 6.76 oz

0.25 Liter – 8.45 oz (coffee cups typically hold 8-12oz)

0.3 Liter – 10.14 oz

0.4 Liter – 13.53 oz (in the standard beer bottle/can range)

0.5 Liter – 16.91 oz (close to the pint sized craft beer can)

0.6 Liter – 20.28 oz (in the “Bomber” range)

0.7 Liter – 23.67oz (in the “Bomber” range)

0.75 Liter – 25.36 oz (Standard wine bottle size)

0.9 Liter – 30.43 oz

1 Liter – 33.81 oz (a quart is 32 ounces)

1.2 Liter – 40.58oz

1.5 Liter – 50.72oz

1.75 Liter – 59.17oz

2 Liter – 67.63 oz (a 2 liter soda bottle)

3 Liter – 101.44 oz

4 Liter – 135.26 oz (one gallon is 128 ounces)

5 Liter – 169.07 oz or 1.32 gallons

12 Liter – 405.77 oz or 3.17 gallons!


Common Beer Bottle/Can Sizes

  • 12oz standard bottle (or can) which can vary slightly depending on the bottle style from 11-13oz
  • 16oz pint craft beer can
  • 22oz “Bomber”
  • 750 ml (25.28oz) a large beer bottle or standard wine bottle size

About German volume measurement

While Americans typically calculate a vessel’s volume capacity to the brim including the foam (a pint glass holds 1 pint to the very brim), Germans measure to a specified fill line. This fill line leaves an ample amount of room for the beer’s foam or froth (for example the room for foam on a 1 liter dimpled Oktoberfest Isar mug is the approx. 1.5” tall smooth un-dimpled band that makes up the top of the glass). The larger the stein, the more room is typically allowed for the foam. Also, the stein manufacturers tend to be a bit generous with their measurements, therefore 0.5 liter German beer steins & glasses will hold more to the rim. Prost!

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