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Oktoberfest Decorations

Oktoberfest 2021

With countless Oktoberfest celebrations facing uncertainty this year, many are wondering how to keep the tradition alive from home. Worry not, has you covered to  celebrate Oktoberfest 2021 like a true Bavarian wherever in the world you are. Give your guests the ultimate feeling of drinking in a true Oktoberfest Beer Tent by decorating your party with all the traditional Oktoberfest fest apparel you could ever need!

German Themed Party

It is not enough just to go to an Oktoberfest party, you need to embrace Oktoberfest. Buying accessories is a great way to make that happen. Buy a 24 pack of 1 Liter Beer Boots for your guests or shop our assortment of pins to make something to remember the party by.

German Decorations

Decorate your house or backyard with fun Bavarian colors and activities! We even have a double-sided photo prop to make your guests look authentic. Those memories will make it home and in the picturebook for years to come.

Be sure to check out our amazing selection of Oktoberfest mugs and beer steins to complete the Bavarian drinking tradition, making your party the perfect homage to centuries of joy and great beer. Prost!