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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a catalog?
Unfortunately, we do not publish a catalog at this time as the cost is too great and our product line changes frequently.  We do offer all our products in our online store www.germansteins.com.

Are the packing peanuts enviromentally friendly?

Yes.  We use Renature® - compostable loosefill (biodegradable - non-Styrofoam - packing peanuts) made by Storopack, Inc. Per the manufacturer these "peanuts" dissolve quickly in water, are non-hazardous and are certified compostable in a properly-run industrial waste facility.

Are the items we sell dishwasher safe?
The glass and ceramic items without a pewter lid, without gold accents and without printed decoration can be washed in the dishwasher, however hand washing is recommended by the manufacturers for best results.

Items that have a gold rim or metallic gold in the decoration, are NOT dishwasher safe, as the rim/decoration contains real gold, which may come off in the dishwasher.  Hand wash only.

Hand washing is recommended for items with a printed decoration.  Over time the detergents used in a dishwasher can erode and/or dull the appearance of the transfer image.

All items with a pewter lid or made of pewter are hand wash only.  All plastic items are also hand wash only.

Are the custom color decal/screen printed decorated pieces scratch resistant?
The decals/screen printed ink on these items are fired on to the mugs/glasses at approx. 1,100-1,300 degrees F.  This process makes the decoration scratch resistant as it bonds to the mug glaze/glass and will hold up very well to normal use.

Why are your prices so low?
We import directly from the manufacturer and therefore bypass the middleman, enabling us to charge up to 50% 
less than the competition. We keep a tight ship here at GermanSteins.com; no money is spent on unnecessary frills. 

Is the payment process secure?
Yes, transactions are protected with up to 256-bit 
Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

How and When will my purchase be shipped? 
See our Shipping Information, Rates & Transit Time Page

Where can I find more information about my Beer Stein including age, value and manufacturer?

For more information about Beer Steins please visit our friends at Stein Collectors International: