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German Gifts for Men

Also known as "Tyrolean", "Bavarian" or "Alpine", traditional German hats are brimmed and usually made from felt or wool. These hats are often decorated with various accessories, such as hat pins and feathers. Our hats are 100% authentically German. They’re designed and crafted by German hat makers in Germany with techniques that have been perfected over decades. Find the perfect personalized German gift for the men and women in your life when you browse our selection of hat pins, feathers and German hats.

Looking for a specific hat? Chances are, all of our vintage Tyrolean hats are exactly what you need. Everyone has a different name for the gifts you're looking for - do you know the background of your favorite German hats?

German Hats: Custom Names for Personalized Gifts

"Tyrolean Hat"

Recognized for their green color and distinctive tapered crown, the Tyrolean hat, also known as the Alpine hat or Bavarian hat, comes from a historical region known as Tyrol in the Alps. Once a symbol of tourism, the Tyrolean hat has taken on many different forms and is often personalized with different feathers and pins for decorative purposes.

"German Hat"

You may give it a different name, but the German hat you're looking for is definitely a "Tyrolean" hat. This association comes from the history of Tyrol itself, which was a part of the Alps in what has now become four different countries - one being Germany. Tomato, tomato: you can say it either way, but it's still a great German gift for men who have roots in Deutschland. Pair it with a masculine pin and your gift will be a standout!

"Alpine Hat"

Another name for Tyrolean hats, "Alpine" refers to the Alps where these hats originated from. Every time a man or woman wears these hats, they're carrying the entire history of the most extensive mountain range in Europe. Crossing both German and Austria, the Alps have been a staple of German geography, making the name "Alpine" more than suitable for this headwear. Order your Alpine hat as a gift today! And an alpine hat pin to match!

"Bavarian Hat"

Tyrolean hats are called by a number of different names so it's no surprise the term "Bavarian hat" would be used to label this green headwear. Bavaria itself is a federal state in Germany, boasting the country's third largest city. If a member of your family was born in Munich, it's easy to see why you'd know Tyrolean hats as Bavarian hats instead! Either way, no one's wrong and everyone's happy when they get German hats as gifts.

"Austrian Hat"

Lying on Germany's southern border, Austria's culture has soaked up some of their neighbor's - and no one's complaining! Anyone with roots in Austria will recognize German hats as Austrian hats, but if you're looking for specific differences, it usually comes down to the pin. No matter what type of German hat you're looking for, distinguish your ancestry easily with the use of symbolic pins or feathers. Call us today for more info on what accessories we have available!

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