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And you thought your collection was impressive. Classic traditional beer steins are a must-have, but your collection isn’t truly YOURS until it’s unique to your brand of humor. It’s no fun unless you’re laughing. Take a look at some of the weirdest, quirkiest, coolest & interesting beer drinkware you will find anywhere in the internet (or the world).

1. Corona Parrot Butler Beer Stein – an awesome, quirky stein for vacation.

Unusual Quirky Beer Mug Corona Parrot

That's right - we're getting straight to the good stuff right off the bat.

Guarantee you’ve never drunk a Corona quite like this. This butler parrot is bred and trained to keep your Corona cold on a hot beach.

2. Alpine House 3D Beer Stein – an oddly shaped home for beer.

Unique Oddly Shaped House Beer Stein

Hiding in this house is a beer stein. This is an A+ option if you’ve got a flair for stealth and want a secret stein to hide in plain sight. Oh wow, that’s a wonderfully cute German decoration, your friends and family claim in earnest. Little do they know you’re taking pulls when they’re not looking.

3. Max the Bavarian Boar – no really, this is actually a beer stein.

Coolest Most Interesting Beer Mug Ever

That’s…interesting. This unique stein doesn’t look much like a stein – but rest assured, you can tip the head back and take a pull right out of the boar’s chest. Max here is mid-Schuhplattler half in the bag and frozen in time. Display him proudly on your mantle to commemorate his legacy. 

4. Beer Boot Shot Glass – an oddly shaped shot glass for Germans.

Cool Unique Alcohol Shot Glass

Maybe you aren’t down to take on Das Boot but you can certainly handle its little 1.5oz cousin. Fill up with your favorite liquor and take it down with the toe facing sideways. Get ready for your friends to laugh at you dousing yourself in Jagermeister if you try to down it toe up.

5. Nuremberg Wedding Cup – a unique shaped cup for weddings.

Creative Quirky Beer Drinking Cup for Weddings

This is a German classic. Long, long ago a goldsmith in Nuremberg wanted to wed a young lady of noble birth. Her father wasn’t a big fan. He said he’d only allow the wedding if the goldsmith succeeded in crafting a vessel designed so two people could drink without spilling a drop. The goldsmith pulled it off and produced what you see before you.

If you like precious corny moments with your significant other this is a must have for your collection.

6. Lederhosen & Dirndl Beer Mugs – a unique perfect pair for a couple.

Awesome Unique Beer Drinking GlassCoolest Unique Mug for Couples

In the same vein as “cool gift ideas for couples” – these unique steins are best bought in a pair and personalized for the lucky duo. This is a slam dunk gift idea for Christmas or an anniversary. A fantastic alternative to boring ol’ bar glasses.

7. Dealer Bulldog Beer Steins – now this is just amazing.

Weird Coolest Beer Mug Ever in the World

This is master craftsmanship. The handle on this creative mug is a stack of poker chips. The little guy is wearing English teashade glasses, a bowtie and a spiked collar. Come on

8. German shepherd dog beer stein – one unusual, cute drinking vessel.

Oddly Shaped Beer Drinking Mug

Maybe you can’t afford private security. But there should be someone keeping an eye on your collection, hey? 

9. A frosty bear to hold your favorite frosty brew.

Polar bear fishing beer stein

When you feel as chilled as a polar bear in the arctic, downing a few of your favorite beers from this perfectly sized 1 liter beer stein is sure to keep you warm all winter long. 

This limited edition Russian Polar Bear fisherman holding his “bear vodka” is one of just 2,500 individually numbered pieces worldwide. Get your hands on one before they go extinct sell out. 

10. Schwarzwald Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Jug Stien – as tall as it gets.

Unique Tall German Beer Stein

Look at that thing.

This hand painted mug is ornate and tall, towering over all your inferior collectible drinkware. At 2 liters its capacity is impressive and gives your collection some “wow” appeal. Particularly cool for hardcore Germans who will marvel at the depicted landmarks: Freudenstadt, Triberg, Villingen, BadenBaden, Hirschsprung, Freiburg, Lahr and Titisee. If you like weird shaped drinkware this is your bag.

11. Gentlemen skull beer stein – a little morbid, but OK.

Unusual Cool Interesting Beer Mug Drinkware

This unusual stein might be a little frightening, but say what you want – this thing is classy. The top hat’s a lid, and you can drink right out the top of the skull – and nothing keeps your beer cooler than a skull. A definite crowd pleaser at your black tie Halloween affair. 

12. Leif Eriksson Viking Coffee Cup – a uniquely shaped cup to start your day right.

Unique Cool Coffee Cup Leif Eriksson

Just as important as drinking beer from a crazy unusual beer glass is recovering in analogous style the next day. Honor Viking legend Leif Eriksson with this brilliant blue, tough cobalt coffee mug. This puts your plastic mug to shame.

13. Blank slates for your creative quirk – engravable pint glasses & mugs

Interesting Unusual Beer GlassCreative Cool Pint Glass for Engraving

Put traditional bottles and cans to shame. Come up with a creative saying and we’ll make you a custom engraved monogrammed cool unique liquor pint glass or a quirky dimpled glass mug with a handle. These are your blank options you can personalize & engrave to your funky, quirky, unusual and one-of-a-kind sensibilities. Bar glasses don’t get any cooler than those MADE for you.

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