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German Heritage Beer Steins

Germany is a country that is rich with traditions, values, culture and history, which have been passed down from generation to generation. From its annual Oktoberfest celebration and Christmas markets to its historical buildings, monuments and castles, German heritage is well preserved. Stein artists have captured this rich heritage in beautiful renderings on our selection of German heritage beer steins.

  • Rhein River Towns Souvenir Beer Stein

    Rhein River Towns Souvenir Beer Stein

    This hand painted stein has a 3-D relief wrap around decoration depicting three Rhine river towns - Koln am Rhein, Rudesheim and Koblenz.  A castle tower makes the handle of this unique German beer stein.  Deep cobalt blue glaze background...

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  • Rhein River Travel Destinations Beer Stein

    Rhein River Travel Destinations Beer Stein

    The travel destinations from Mainz to Koblenz are highlighted in a detailed map of the Rhine river (der Rhein) on the front of this stein.  Popular attractions are depicted in small vignettes on either side of the map including Marksburg, Rheinfels,...

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  • Rothenburg Beer Stein

    Rothenburg Beer Stein

    The relief pewter emblem on this beer stein depicts the Plönlein, a small triangular square with two city entrances (a gate and tower) in the medieval German city of Rothenburg.  The banner on the pewter badge reads "Rothenburg o.T." (over the...

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  • Schwarzwald Cuckoo Clock Beer Stein

    Schwarzwald Cuckoo Clock Beer Stein

    This hand-painted beer stein shows a traditionally dressed cuckoo clock peddler and his wife standing in front of a larger than life cuckoo clock.  Large pine trees tower over the couple.  Vignettes of cities in the black forest are depicted on...

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  • Collectible Xmas German Beer Stein with Lid Silent Night Commemorative Christmas Beer Stein

    Silent Night Chapel Christmas Beer Stein

    An Ode to a Christmas Classic The Christmas of 1818 in Oberdorf bei Salzburg was an all-time low for the alpine village. The Church of St. Nicholas had been damaged by floods and the organ wasn’t working. Undaunted, two men composed a special song...

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  • Summer Parade Traditional Beer Stein Rustic

    Summer Parade Traditional Beer Stein Rustic

    This traditional style beer stein depicts a full wrap decoration of a parade in summer.  The traditionally dressed German townsfolk dance along to the Oompah band through the forest.  A stylized clover leaf decoration wraps around the base and...

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  • Thewalt Collector Ceramic Sign

    This hand painted cobalt blue and gilt ceramic stand-alone sign is a great gift for any Thewalt stein or beer stein collector! The sign reads "Since 1893 Original Thewalt Beer Steins" in relief lettering and features the official Albert Jac. Thewalt GmbH...

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  • Trumpeter of Sackingen Beer Stein

    Trumpeter of Sackingen Beer Stein

    Features a scene from the German poem The Trumpeter of Sackingen (Der Trompeter von Sackingen), written in 1885 by J. Viktor von Scheffel. The poem tells a star-crossed love story between a lowly trumpeter and the baron's daughter. The panel on this...

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  • Unique Handmade Wedding Beer Stein Authentic Porcelain German Beer Stein with Lid

    Wedding March Porcelain Beer Stein

    This porcelain stein features a colorful full wrap panorama of a wedding march.  Friends and family parade to the couple's new home with music, flowers and a horse draw carriage laden with the bride & groom's possessions.One man holds a banner...

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  • Zoller and Born Limitat 2009 Beer Stein

    This cobalt blue Limitat 2009 stein based on an original beer stein mold sculpted in 1850 in the Westerwald region of Germany. The noble and majestic beauty of this stoneware stein perfectly captures the grandeur and power of the historic figures that...

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