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With its towering pine trees providing a thick, "black" covering, the Black Forest is renowned for its cuckoo clocks and for being a highly popular tourist destination. The dense, 2,300-square-foot woodland is located in the German state Baden-Württemberg, along Germany's southwestern border with France. The heart of Germany’s timber industry, traditional Black Forest economic activities include lumbering, woodworking and the manufacturing of watches, clocks and musical instruments. Although cuckoo clocks are manufactured all over the world, the Black Forest has had the reputation for being home to the finest, most well-crafted cuckoo clocks for the past 300 years. To help maintain this reputation, Black Forest clockmakers can obtain accreditation for their clocks. Certified mechanical clocks must be made entirely of wood (except for movements), with essential parts produced in the Black Forest, and they must meet quality control standards set by the Black Forest Clock Association (Verein die Schwarzwalduhr or VDS). The Black Forest’s spectacular scenery, combined with its unique local customs, products and fare, has enabled it to become one of the most visited destination spots in the world. Every year, millions of people travel there to enjoy the area’s vast expanse of hills, valleys, rivers and forests; to relax at one of the many mineral springs and spas; and to see firsthand the famous manufacturers of Black Forest cuckoo clocks, observing beautiful clocks before their creation and all through the traditional process.



View of the Black Forest


German Beer Steins and Gifts with a Black Forest or Schwarzwald motif.


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