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Official 2023 Oktoberfest Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift to celebrate Oktoberfest? Discover German Steins’ extensive selection of officially licensed steins, drinking boots, clothing and accessories. Attend your Oktoberfest festival in style and with a stunning stein or glass mug to celebrate properly. Throwing your own party? Take a look at our Oktoberfest decorations and party supplies to get your guests celebrating like true Bavarians. 

1. Munich 2023 Official Oktoberfest Beer Steins


The officially licensed 2023 Oktoberfest Beer Steins, available in 0.5L and 1L sizes, are classic, functional collector’s items to commemorate this year’s event. Each of our officially licensed 2023 Munich Oktoberfest beer steins is produced by Rastal, comes with a decorated pewter lid and features a copy of the artist’s signature on the bottom of the stein. 

2. 1L Oktoberfest Munich Glass Beer Boot


Make your presence known at any Oktoberfest festival or private party with a custom engraved 1L glass boot. The sturdy, 3-pound boot features a festive scene of Munich’s Oktoberfest and is made in Poland by the Stölzle-Oberglas glass company. 

3. Oktoberfest German Stoneware Beer Mug


This 0.5L stoneware mug features the same Oktoberfest motif as the glass boot with a traditional beer wagon in front of a bustling Oktoberfest festival. These mugs are freezer-safe, made of ceramic with a hand-applied handle and are the perfect beer mugs for your Oktoberfest party. 

4. Bavarian Lederhosen 3D Beer Stein


This incredible German Beer Stein by KING-Werk is crafted into a 3D shape of traditional Bavarian Lederhosen. The exquisite stein features a pewter lid and thumb lift, holds 0.75L and is a festive addition to your Oktoberfest party. 

5. Bavarian Lederhosen Oktoberfest Party Suspenders


Don’t just drink out of a Lederhosen beer stein, dive headfirst into the festivities with these novelty Lederhosen party suspenders. Everyone loves authentic Lederhosen, and with these brown felt suspenders, you can turn your shorts or pants into Lederhosen without breaking the bank! 

6. Beer Stein Lid for Bottles


On the move during your Oktoberfest celebration and can’t carry a stein? You can still join in the authentic drinking festivities while protecting your beer with this miniature beer stein lid for bottles. No need to give bugs access to your drink, utilize this pewter bottle lid with a heavy-duty and easy to maneuver clip and keep your beers protected in style all day long.