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Bavarian King Ludwig II used his personal fortune to fund the construction of a series of elaborate castles. The smallest of these castles, Schloss Linderhoff, is located in southern Bavaria, and is well-known for its stunning gardens. The palace's 125-acre landscape garden has several buildings on it, including its most famous, the Venus Grotto.
A private spot the reclusive king built as a place to enjoy his beloved Wagner operas, the grotto features a grand entrance, an underground lake and waterfall, artificial stalactites, and a swan boat that Ludwig enjoyed being rowed in. The king wanted his own Blue Grotto—an Italian sea cave that is illuminated with a brilliant blue or emerald light when sunlight passing through an underwater cavity shines through the seawater. To recreate this effect, Ludwig ordered the installation of colored lights, which was a novelty at that time. A dynamo, an early electric generator, was used to power the colorful display, along with Ludwig’s fountain and wave machine. This was the first use of electricity in Bavaria.

Ludwig's Venus Grotto

King Ludwig's Venus Grotto. Photo by Pe-sa. License


Schloss Linderhof

King Ludwig's Castle Linderhof. Photo by Pe-sa. License



German Beer Steins with a Linderhof Castle motif.


Bavarian castles Beer Stein

Castle Linderhof Beer Stein

German Castles Beer Stein