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Stein Collectors International: "Founded 1965 and is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and understanding of the art, culture and manufacture of beer steins, drinking vessels and related items, from antiquity to modern times."

Beer Stein Library "By far the largest on-line repository of information about collector
beer steins anywhere."

Stein Marks: "This site has been created and will be maintained free to view for the benefit of all Stein Collectors."  A great source for those looking to identify their beer stein. The GermanNationUSA website is designed to be informative, educational, entertaining and quite a captivating for anyone of German Heritage and other people with German related interest and passion.

Experience what's inside The Bottle...
The Bottle Room, located in Green Bay, WI, is dedicated to creating a relaxing environment for those passionate about great wine and craft beer. Stepping into "The Bottle" will make you feel as if you are transported from everyday life to stress free times with family and friends in a warm welcoming atmosphere.  The Bottle Room will be a meeting ground where memories are made and everyone feels like family.  Helping you progress from enjoying wine and craft brew to loving the selections you pick out is our mission.


Wenzel's Farm SausageRuss Wenzel's great grandfather brought the craft of sausage making from Germany to Wisconsin more than 100 years ago.  Today, the company manufactures many award winning products.


The Klaberheads Website: If you’re looking for a great party band to liven up your party or fest, check out the FKO aka The Klaberheads–a band for all seasons!


German - American Klub in Indianapolis, IN features many specialized clubs, including the Jäger Club and The Brand New GAK Beer Club  -  Brew Your Own Beer!  They also have a regularly scheduled Wednesday buffet at the Edelweiss Restaurant.

Old Beer Stuff: featuring Tap Handles and Vintage Beer Advertising Items. The most complete source of brewery information worldwide. 

More than 133,939,050 beer lovers served!
63,273 beers from 31,506 breweries
11,604 tasting notes on 10,143 beers

Beer Info: Your one stop source for beer information & more!

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club lets you experience today's best, hand-crafted microbrews without having to travel the country to find them.

The Bottle Blog: Your guide to all things bottles: The Curious World of Bottle Collecting and the People Who Collect Them. Bottle collecting has long been a hobby and even a passion for serious collectors. Many of the most desired bottles have historical significance and all tell a tale of years gone by. This history is fascinating and the bottles being collected are often unique works of art.